Review — Zeus

After providing a quick introduction to the featured mythological figure, each book in this series provides a good overview of what mythology is and how myths were passed on. A one-page chart in each book lists eight of the most famous mythological figures, giving Greek and Roman names and a one-sentence description of each god or goddess. The books move on to relay stories connected with the featured mythological figure. Each book is liberally illustrated with photos of paintings and statues by famous artists. Pronunciation keys within the text and in the glossary are helpful for teaching the correct pronunciation of unfamiliar names and places. Maps indicate places that appear in myths. There is some repetition between the books when general information is given about how and why myths came to be created and where we continue to see evidence of myths today. A short bibliography gives suggestions for more books to read, addresses to write to, and a Web site to visit for interested readers. I am sure that our sixth grade teacher will make use of this series when her class does the unit on myths. Many students will also enjoy reading these books just for pleasure.
—Library Media Connection

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