Review — Dogs ABC

Whether you are a dog-lover or not, you will love this simple alphabet book full of adorable photographs of man’s best friend. Every page is dedicated to a letter of the alphabet and an interesting fact about dogs. The facts are simple and clever, ranging from a dog’s need for affection (the letter A) to a dog’s need for sleep (the letter Z for “zzzzz”). The focus letter for each page is presented in both capital and lower case forms. Each is highlighted for easy reader identification. There is a pattern of words to introduce each letter and fact on the page. The patterned sentences will be easily recognized by the beginner reader and memorized by those who are in the emergent stage of reading. Teachers can springboard from these sentences and provide creative writing opportunities for student-authored books using the same pattern. Although the facts are entertaining, the real pleasure comes from the photographs. Up-close colored photos show a variety of dog breeds in a number of activities. Readers will enjoy seeing the hunting dog in a classic point position, the guide dog helping its owner down the stairs, and the boxer enduring a check-up from the veterinarian.
—Children’s Literature

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