Review — Eek and Ack vs the Wolfman

Eek and Ack are alien invaders determined to conquer earth, but instead they often find themselves in troublesome situations. In the latest volume in the Graphic Sparks series, aimed at younger readers, the inept aliens land their laundry-dryer-shaped spaceship on the spookiest day of the year, Halloween. The good news is that even though they wear weak disguises, no one suspects they are really creatures from another planet. The bad news is that a werewolf decides to attack the town. The cute story will definitely appeal to younger fans of graphic novels, and children learning to read and those being introduced to sequential art will enjoy the cartoon-style illustrations. In the back of the book, readers will discover a glossary, more facts about werewolves, discussion questions, writing prompts, and Internet sites, all of which make this graphic novel very appealing to educators and parents. With out-of-this-world silliness mixed with a touch of gross humor and a gob of goofy monsters, this will be a popular choice.

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