Review — Perseus and Medusa

Best of all it’s a graphic novel!

Anyone who likes mythology should read this book – young OR old!  But, I don’t think it would be appropriate for kids younger than first grade because of the violence and the myths may be confusing to those who do not know about mythological gods.  I like almost everything about this graphic novel.  The inking is so detailed you can almost see the texture. Most panels are rectangle, but sometimes a character will escape into another panel. To show force the illustrator hits the scene or object with a yellow spark.

In this graphic novel a women and her baby named Perseus are cast off to sea because Perseus was destined to kill his grandfather, King Acrisius .Zeus, the king of the gods was Perseus’ father. Zeus guided    Perseus and his mom with powerful winds. Weeks later someone caught them with a fishing net. Many years later, when Perseus was about twenty years old there was a party for King Polydects. Perseus did not have anything to give him so he was sent to retrieve Medusa’s head. Perseus accepted the challenge. When Perseus was about fifteen away from the palace a women appeared.”who are  you?”. The women said she was Athena – Goddess of wisdom and told him to find the Nymphs of the North.  Perseus immediately set on to find the nymphs.  Suddenly, the dense forest gave way to a beautiful gully with three nymphs waiting.  One nymph said “Perseus, we three have been waiting for you.”  They gave him a pair of winged sandals that would fly them to Medusa’s lair, a helmet that would grant him invisibility; Medusa’s head could petrify even in death, and a magic bag that could carry her head safely.  As he exited the cave in the gully, Hermes, the winged messenger god flew down from the heavens. He had the weapons Perseus needed for his quest. Weapons fit for a true hero. Athena’s shield called the Aegis, and his own sword that could Pierce her thick skin. Hermes gave them to Perseus. Hermes told Perseus to visit the gray witches. They lived at the feet of Atlas the giant. But that they were the sisters of Medusa. Perseus would have to trick them to find the location of Medusa’s lair. How does Perseus trick Medusa’s sisters and does this hero ever come back alive with Medusa’s head? Will there be a love interest involved at all? Read this graphic novel to find out and what happens to Perseus!
—Barrow Books

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