Review — Campfire Crisis

“With your two best friends, Mike and Carla, by your side you go on a camping adventure filled with all the excitement you could ever anticipate in one trip. Will fire consume you, wolves find you or could you possibly get lost in the woods? It’s all up to you and the choices you make as to the outcome of this camping adventure with friends.

Campfire Crisis by Blake Hoena is a new take on the traditional choose your own path/adventure type stories. In this new version, A Choice Chapter Book, readers are given choices but the outcomes are a bit toned down for those younger readers who may not be ready to “die” during their reading time. It made for a fun way of reading. Instead of saying you’ve died as a result of your actions you are given a gentle nudge in the right direction instead and continue on to the next page.

Should you follow a certain path, help injured friends, put out a fire and a number of other similar scenarios all come up during Campfire Crisis by Blake Hoena. In a story filled with adventure and danger this new “Choice Chapter Book” provides a way for even younger readers to enjoy the “danger” of a choose your own path book, but without the potentially detrimental effects. Not only was this a fun read aloud, it was also educational. If you’re a camping enthusiast or simply love the outdoors the little reader in your life and you will love and learn from reading Campfire Crisis by Blake Hoena.”
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