Review — Campfire Crisis

Here we have a chapter book style adventure that places you, the reader, front and center in the decision making chair as you choose everything from what to pack to which way to go to who to send (or not) for help.  It’s a perilous place to be, yes….but, should you make the wrong decision, you’re not written out of the story.  Nope.  Surprised?  I was too when I first started reading because that’s how all of the one’s I’ve read in the past have been. One wrong page turn and the whole thing is over.  Not so here.  The author allows readers to make a mistake, expand their knowledge on a more applicable course of action, and continue forward in their journey.  It makes it almost an edutainment choice because after all, you are learning survival skills along the way and many kiddos flock to the appeal of a camping trip, so talk about real world application opportunity!  It also makes this a great option for those younger readers that are just starting to read books on their own giving them a chance to steer the story’s course and yet not feel defeated if a wrong turn is made.  A great balance indeed.

As for the story itself, Carla and Mike are definitely a great pair to have as friends as well as wood traipsing companions.  Everyone gets a chance to shine as events unfold and strengths are put to good use.  There’s even a chance to save a life…unexpected but once again, emphasizing the know-how that’s important to a successful and fun night/day under the stars.  The author made sure to cover all the basics here while imparting little gems of wisdom along the way…and all at a level that will peak interest but not endanger should they wish to try the newly found skills at home.   A small warning for adult readers…you might want to have a good campsite picked out for your little adventurers because after this read, I see the potential for a trip in your future.
Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

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