Raw (Live 2 Skate)

61vOmYyzmWL._SY346_Just received author copies for my latest skateboarding book, Raw. It’s one of the initial books in the new Tony Hawk: Live 2 Skate series and also the story that prompted me to get back on a skateboard. A few too many years have passed since I used to bomb down the hill near my house on a yellow penny board.

Can’t say that I’m able to carve it up on a half pipe like Gavin, the main character, does in Raw, but my Santa Cruz Woody Shark cruiser is now how I get to and from the library.

SUMMARY: In this edition of Tony Hawk: Live to Skate, Gavin Cole is the newest student at his glitzy suburban school. From the poorer north side, Gavin doesn’t have much in common with his wealthier classmates. When he finds a few skaters, though, he wonders if they could be his new crew. Will they accept Gavin and his skills for fixing up skateboards?

My next book in the series, Rival, a story of two half brothers who compete against each other for a spot on the skate team, will be out early next year.

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