Building the Golden Gate Bridge

While researching for this book, Building the Golden Gate Bridge, I learned a valuable lesson: If something is falling from above, don’t look up! If I hadn’t, I probably would have suffered a broken nose when a friend dropped a hammer while we were installing some cabinets. Instead, I kept my head down and was only dealt a glancing blow, which left me with a black eye. Bad, but not as bad as it could have been. And that hammer fell only a few feet, not the hundreds of feet that items like coffee cups and rivets feel during construction of the Golden Gate Bridge.

9781491403983_p0_v1_s600Summary: People living in San Francisco during the 1920s and 1930s are fascinated by the project to build the Golden Gate Bridge—the world’s longest suspension bridge yet. Will you: Be a designer of the bridge, working to solve the many challenges created by such an enormous project? Or work as a crewmember, accepting the dangers of laboring hundreds of feet in the air above the cold, swirling currents of San Francisco Bay? Experience situations taken from real life.


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