School Tour — Day 2

IMG_1541Wow! I was greeted by a wall full of aliens when walking into the media center at Reede Gray Elementary this morning. It was so fun to see, especially since I center my presentations around the space alien duo of Eek and Ack. They are fun, silly, a little disgusting, and always a hit with kids.

I use examples from my Eek and Ack books to talk about my writing processes, from generating ideas to formulating stories, as well as show students the steps the illustrator, Steve Harpster, had to go through when working on these books. I even have copies of the storyboards and inks that Steve drew up.

IMG_1544 I also received quite a send off from Reede Gray. While presenting to one group of students, an earlier class drew up thank you cards for me. So fun! I don’t think that has ever happened to me before.

After Reede Gray Elementary, I spent the afternoon presenting at the Wabasso Public Library, which ended the first stint of my tour, but I still have several more schools to visit later this month.

Stay tuned . . .

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