Jack and the Beanstalk

JackI was recently sent proofs of my fractured fairy tale, choose your path adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk. Now I’ve been a fan of this tale since way back before I wrote a graphic novel about Jack’s adventures. It was a childhood favorite of mine growing up. So it’s a story I know and love.

My first retelling stuck pretty close to Joseph Jacobs’ version, but being a “fractured” tale, I twisted things around quite a bit in my new take on this classic. It includes three main paths, and each takes a different character’s POV. One story is told from the giant’s perspective, another from Jack’s (or Jacks, plural, as Jack teams up with some famous Jack from children’s literature), and lastly the mother’s.Jack_spread

It was immensely fun re-envisioning a favorite story from you youth. And in doing so, this project also allowed me to exercise my humor writing a bit, as you probably can tell from this illustration.

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