Magic E

Start the New Year will a little magic from Magic E. He’s a wizard who knows some word trickery. With an E, he can change a cap into a cape, a tub into a tube, a cod into a code, and send Tim the porcupine back in time.

Chuck the Duck Was a Cool Dude: Chuck was a bit of a dud until Magic E turned him into a cool dude.

Rob the Mole and the Sneaky Gnome: Rob wanted to be a secret agent, so Magic E gave him a cod that could read any secret code. With some fishy help, Rob solved the case of the sneaky gnome.

Sam the Ape with a Cape: Sam wished to be a superhero. So Magic E turned a can into a magical cane and a cap into a magical cape, and off Sam flew.

Time the Time-Traveling Porcupine: Tim wanted to travel back and visit the dinosaurs, so Magic E sent him back in time. Pip want to play an instrument so Magic E taught him to play a pipe.


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